Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back home and on the road with MiniCal

Got back from the best season on Bonaire like 10 days ago, man was it a good year.

Seshed the Shitbay a couple of times totally suited up, not really feelin it but still, gotta keep it on the real.

Broke out to the South Coast for the weekend together with the Star-Board team - i.e. me and MiniCall - to kick it into gear for the new season. Wind close to 40 knots, ranging from mid to upper 30s, 4.8 Echo on my amazing 2011 Flare 88 (soon to be retired for the new 91 that's made blow minds). Mr Cal had stepped up since last year, Ponching his way through the shallow parts and popping like 12 times in Double Flakas as well as raising the bar for Switch to a new level on his Pure 4.4 and 2012 Flare 91.

Myself I enjoyed going to flight mode, as opposed to the Bonaire conditions - which in all fairness are my favorite. Good to know I can still get the moves in the mix of big chop and twitchy gusts though.

Saw that I hinted at some video material in the last post, for now I'll just say that me and Cal got something in the pipe.

Shoutout to Kiri and Akalize beatsz.

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