Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On the serious tip

Man what awesome one and a half weeks this has been so far, with major sessions every other day and as I'm counting I realize that it's been about seven day in total already. I'm on Lyrön right now - the island where it goes down non stop it seems - and so far I've seshed every spot possible and even found a new one. Best so far was definitely Bäckevik, which is a small very sheltered bay with a window only for pin point NE. We hit that window so hard last weekend and man did it go off; 4.8 totally on fire, Air-Funnels that seemed to never surface and clean Double-Spocks to my surprise. Landed a pretty massive Air-Kono the other day, with an airborn rig flip. Nice. My friend Anders - living on the island - had his first planing runs on my old Chilli 109 I might add, and it looked pretty radical with him taking the longest tail-walk I've ever seen anyone pull off.

On the technical side of things I've been working on consistency this week and it's paying off beautifully, with more speed, control and style. Multiple moves in a row with as good a flow as possible is what I really want, so there's been a lot a use for the light winds on the down days. Hoping that it's going to kick back up soon though.


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