Monday, June 27, 2011

Island bound

Revisited my favorite place on earth this past weekend to celebrate Midsummer. Scored two monster sessions lit on my 4.8, riding outside the islands called Lyrön and Mollösund. Unbelievably choppy with tons of traffic passing through the channel, bringing me some of the sickest ramps I've ever hit.

Throwing Forwards off of one particular military boat out to exercise their drills in the tough conditions was awesome, but most satisfactory was probably the way I managed my Shakas and Konos. Starting to hit the chop downwind I traveled like a .... which had me get more height and style, and finally an ill Air-Kono covering so much distance like a seagull.

To end the day style with the islands' annual Midsummer party was just great. Imagine a tiny island with one main road and people crowding it up to the max; that as well being where it all happens. Considering it was a little bit too rainy, that we walked way too far, lost it over the music at the outdoors dance floor one too many times and just had expectations too high to meet, I'd say it was your standard anticlimactic but ever so legendary wouldn't-miss-it-for-the-world kind of day. How bout that, one day that has Swedish summer personified, and to finish off I'd like to quote my immensely drunk but ever so wise neighbor: You just know it's all going downhill from here. 


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