Saturday, June 18, 2011

And we are on

The season is on! Three sick days so far, with yesterday being the best so far with a solid 28 knots.

Practiced all day in the bay, not Shitbay but the one next to it; big chop and some flat parts in between, running right towards the small beach and swimmers dock. Perfect for high Shakas and Forwards. I managed to land some Air-Flakas too, which was pretty nice as I'd never tried em before. Catching a really powerful gust I barely missed a Skopu as well. The Konos went real nice too, and I think I found the necessary twist in my body to the rig, cause I stomped a few down real flat.

The days best was my new boom, no doubt. I got my hands on a Maui Carbon, which just makes the rig work as it's supposed to. Ducking easily regardless of both chop and gusts I was like: Hmm, maybe the boom is not supposed to move up and down after all. I sure know the Maui doesn't. Rock solid baby.


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