Monday, May 30, 2011

Milos EFPT end / Adventures in Italy

I need to learn competition sailing, simple and plain. Had my heat against Adrian Beholz the day after the first heat, but I was way too stressed to get my shit together. But Adrian is a very good heat sailor, and he threw down, so hats off. A 9:th place finish and a lot of important lessons learned, cashing in enough prize money to pay the room and the food, so it's all good.

Anyhow, I was on my 5.2 and the 88 - the wind was very flaky - and managed to catch the largest lull ever going out to the top of the heat area. I didn't make it in time, and had to start half-way up. Loosing my cool to that unfortunate mistake I started out with a Double Flaka, followed by a Grubby and an Eslider. Starting to feel good I wanted a Sw Kono without taking my time to set it up properly, and had the sail come forward, forcing me to make a weak Funnel instead. On the next tack Adrian put up a smooth Shaka, and I though I'd answer with one of my own; looking for the first chop avaliable pumping to get speed it didn't end that well and I crashed. Knowing that Adrian had at least one move to his advantage I hurried up to put up an easy Sw-Chachoo but caught a rail. Being off balance I went for another Shaka but went down with a similar crash. I knew that was it, you can only crash so many times, so I took another run on starboard and tacked. Just before the red flag went up I wanted to see if my Kono worked in the light wind, which it did evidentially - Perfect duck and a really nice rotation with a slightly wet landing. At least I finished well...

On a brighter note: Nikke and Adam made it all the way to the top 4! The wind didn't play ball unfortunately, so they had to stop the heats and call it a day. Nonetheless, it was nice to see them share the podium with the Italians.

Me, Nikke and Adam squeezed in Chicos' and Edvans' (from Jeri in Brazil) big van, and sped off to Italy to catch a ferry on which we slept for 14 hours. We even went through an evacuation drill, which was announced like a real evacuation. Scared the shit out of me. We woke up to sirens, voices shouting in Italian from the speakers, and Nikke - who's studying to be a captain - told us the procedures; Leave your stuff and run. Coming up to the main deck we were relieved to see a calm blue-bird Italian morning.

Right now we're in the most unbelievable mansion located in an estate in Olbia, home to Chicos' and Edvans' sponsor. I can't really find any words to describe it, but imagine a golf course holding just one giant house. They have a dog. But I think it's a bear.


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