Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Håkman & Nikke in Greece

I can’t seem to catch a break; 4 weeks of constant intense studies with no windsurfing, and now there’s no wind, and we’re in Greece. Anyhow, me and Nikke made the best of the situation today as we went on the road with a big van from the centre. Barely making it through town, finding a gas station in the middle of nowhere, after taking directions from five different people who all told us different things. We were seriously feeling like locals when we found the horn and started honking it everyone and everything.

Coming back we tried the water, which was surprisingly cold – my wetsuit was more than a necessity – and really really choppy. There was no wind, but judging from the feeling I got it’ll be a pretty challenging competition venue.

At night we went into town to see what it was about. Hung out, bought a sling-shot, shot food at people and eventually decided to go home. The thing was that we got there by car, but had to walk back. Long walk, many dogs.

Three days to comp, gotta pray for wind.



cp said...

in bonaire??!??! wtf.. fattar nada maan

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