Saturday, May 28, 2011

First EFPT heat, ever...

All morning I went through the most drawn out anticipation ever; with the wind steadily but very slowly increasing we were put on hold hour by hour. When we decided to get out to start the warm up I had pumped myself up with Big L for 2 hours, easily.

I was in the second heat, the first one being with Adam Gavriel from Israel - who strangely but awesomely enough speaks perfect Småländska (Swedish). He went against Loick, and they had to re-sail their heat once before it was finalized. Adam won doing his Shakas and Double Flakas.

Waiting outside the vast event area I got in the zone somehow, and started nailing Konos (Switch and regular), Shakas and even an Air-Funnel. Only thing was that I wasn't quite sure when it was time to start the actual heat. The beach was so far away that I couldn't tell whether the flags were blue, green or pink. Caught slighly off guard I saw my opponent (Filippo Bestetti from Italy) going for it as the heat suddenly started; having gotten my confidence back I dropped my original game plan and decided to go big the first thing I did. Seeing this chop line up I impulsively went for a Shaka which didn't work as before and had my sail dig deep into the water. Loosing time I decided to stick with all of my basic moves, that eventually got me where I wanted to be. Finally claiming a Shaka on the last run was probably what saved my day.

As I got back to the beach I heard the annoucements, and was totally psyched when I heard my name being called out. First EFPT heat ever, and it was good!

After that the wind went away completely, but we're putting our hopes to tomorrow. I'll be up against Adrian Beholz from Germany. Time to bring the big game.



Anonymous said...

Way to go! Grattis till heatvinsten! //Västeråsaren

ctothep said...

Stoked man!! grattis !!