Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally. Stacked.

Finally there's a light; we got to jump today, emphasize on jump as a singular. After a well equipped (all the gadgets were there) sun-and-swim session working on our sling-shot skills the wind decided to show up.

All of the guys were out together, so we had a pretty good time, even though I could've hoped to be a bit smoother. Nevertheless, feels I'm starting to get my groove back.

An awesome fact, just FYI, is that we saw two kites today. Now you probably think: Two kites,hwat?! Approved, if the reality of the situation wouldn't have been that they were working as one entity. They were stacked. Stacking is apparently the new thing. But the question is: How much can you stack? Really?


1 comment:

Markus O said...

OM det nu verkligen var stackade kites är jag den förste att bli förvånad... :-)