Sunday, May 29, 2011

EFPT interview with Håkman & Nikke

The first day at Milos we scored this pretty nice, yet pretty wierd interview. Check it out.

And here is a quote from yesterdays' news on

Swedens Erik Hakman (Starboard/Gaastra) jumped Shakas and Konos only minutes before his heat, but had a bad start in the heat. „The flags went up, I saw this chop, I knew this is my Shaka jump, and then, I crashed it!“ said Hakman wired up after his performance. While his opponent Filippo Bestetti (RRD/RRD) was all set, he re-set his strategy from new school to basic. It was a good decision. Today, Erik Hakman won his first heat ever on the European Freestyle Pro Tour.

Now were waiting for the wind to kick in, and then it's off to Sardinia.


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