Monday, April 4, 2011

Combination moves everywhere!

This is it, the wind is off the hook. Today was amazing, especially in the morning when I went on 4.8 (solid) with Kiri. I got the Puneta into Sw Kono first thing in the morning, then a few times more with better landings.

We was in the Mangrove of course, and Kiri was going aggressive on the trees indide - taking quadruple Air-funnels all the way in there. Kabukuchi into triple spock, no big deal. Like, what.? Eventually seeing that shit go down you don't wanna be any worse, so I got to it, and before I knew it there I was; sliding backwards out of a regular Kono. I got the feeling now, closing the Kono for a Kabikuchi. Just gotta work on taking it down aggressive and let it spin.

With that in the bag I went on to something else, going out into the chop taking my Spock with full speed, stalling that rotation kicking it into a Kono. Spock into Kono feels so good, I had like three of em and the last one was so clean. Super fast Spock, stalled perfect, sail down full of power, let it rip, BAM. Clean Kono.

And as if that wasn't enough, I got to squeeze in another two combos before I got all dizzy. Taking that evening session with a clear head and newfound confidence in my strong wind skills, I put down some hardcore Burners, feeling that something might be possible for the exit. One was so perfect, as the duck let me spin clean and land full speed using the heavy swing of the sail to spin another 360 for the exit. I wanted to jump but Burner 360 is pretty sick too.

For good measure I broke out my sliding skills and took an Eslider into Puneta all the way home.

peace, and I'm out like that.


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