Monday, March 28, 2011

Ups and downs

The wind is strong right now, real strong. I've been on my 4.8 all day, and to tell you the truth I'm a little fucked up right now.

The morning was terrible, as I was so not used to the sail or the strong wind. Don't get me wrong, switch was still excellent and I was dunking in perfect Burners - even one planing Burner 360 (flipping the sail while landing) - and Air-funnels like it was nothing. But the regular side was a mess. My duck was so off, and nothing seemed to work. Like usually, when I'm on my 5.2, I duck perfect and really safe, but this was something else. Nevertheless I spent the entire morning working on that, and finally had to give up and get something to eat.

Well on the beach Kiri explained to me how every sail-size ducks different, which makes perfect sense as the size decreases the sail get's faster.

Going back out there to work it out in the afternoon I put all of my effort into getting the duck right. It got better and better as the session went on, and finally I was able to put the sail down gently even though the wind was howling. This put my Konos back where they're supposed to be; in a very dry place.

I went over to the Mangrove for a short while too, and claimed a few Triple Punetas with pretty good speed. It's a fun move when the water is flat, and it feels pretty cool.

After getting that done I went back on my Kono hunt. There are pictures somewhere, and if I get them I'll put em up. But, just as it was getting late and people started getting off the water, I got in that zone again. Going slighly downwind in massive gusts, ducking the sail smooth and safe, I was blasting off two picuture perfect totally standing ones. This was not it though. I though: OK, one more time, here we go, this run is for the money. I came in, laid down the same perfect duck, kicked in a small carve upwind and just let it rip. I took her down with full control and full speed. When I say full speed, I mean full speed. Stomp, bam. Flipp the sail, and just took that shit to school. I couldn't decide whether to do a Flaka or Spock out of it, so I just kept planing and hopped some mediocre excuse for a Flaka. But man, the speed, the height, the stoke.

The road to greatness through the valley of adversity.


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