Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kuma in the building

I swear to god, writing this I'm so tired I'm about to pass out. I'm busting my ass every day right now trying to make shit work, and it does, it sure does. Air-Funnel almost every time both in the flat - oh it's so sick to do it in the Mangrove - and the chop. Today I dailed in the Burner for real too; made 20 of em in the morning, with two hat-tricks (3 in a row), plus hella stomped ones. Then I got it on with style in the chop too. The Kono is right there too, and I can make it dmn near every time. I landed one that was totally planing in the afternoon, flipping the sail and riding it out all the way up on the beach.

On another very happy note, Kuma movie is on the island right now. If you don't know him I'll just say that he singlehandedly took care of the media coverage of the Vietnam event. To that you can also add the stack of edits he's been delivering from last years Fuerte grand slam. He makes the music himself, and does the gnarliest follow cams. He just finished an introductory Bonaire edit - which you can check out below - but part 2 will be out shortly, and there will be action. Believe you me.


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