Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4.8 with authority, redemption time

It's been totally insane for about a week now, with the 5 packed and stacked under a table and my 4.8 just rocking every day. The first three days was all about swimming, literally. I think I crashed pretty much everthing exept the occational Burner, Kono and AirFunnel here and there. This and the Shaka is what I'm working hard at right now, and in the last two days my hard work decided to pay off. It was all about redemption. I'll try to break it down for you, day and move-wise.

On Monday the Kono got better all of a sudden, as my duck seemed to increase its consistency. I landed a few nice ones, and had plenty of over rotations. There's a clip of something decently clean out there that I'll present to you in due time. But, this isn't it though, as when the evening came along me and Cesare went out to rock the dark. The wind was strong, I felt confident. I had a few good landings, but nothing spectacular; that is until I hit it off just perfect, going super high, landing super flat and super fast. All of a sudden I was just right there, planing out of it clew-first. I mean, the landing was so smooth, totally upright. Unfortunately there was no repeat performance, as I just couldn't find a gust solid enough. But nonetheless, it was by far the sickest thing I've done, ever.

This brings us to yesterday, when I luckily ended up in a filming session in the Mangroves with Julien, Bastien and Remko. The wind was seemingly light, though I was still on 4.8 (best sail ever... holla). Nevertheless, everyone was throwing down. I don't want to spoil my surprise that I have planned for one of the next few days, but I will say that I landed my most awesome moves on Starboard, going switch that is. Doubles and Airmoves, it all just seemed to come together. I just hope it's all on tape. Fingers crossed...

Yeah. Redemption. I'd say that that's what it was all about. Right now though, it's all about R&R. I'm beat.


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