Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two days of fun and school

These past two days I've been working hard at both my school work and my new moves. Time is divided into surf time and reading time, but when the wind's on it's all about surfing as hard as possible.

Yesterday evening was seriously nuking, with my 5.2 over-powered and just trowing the biggest Shakas I've ever done. On one run from the mangroves back to the beach I actually stomped out 6 Shakas in a row before I went out to hitchhike my way home in the dark, wearing soked boardshorts and a t-shirt. Good times.

Today was less than expected, but I had a nice afternoon session with emphasise on doing everything quick, fast, with a lot of slide and in a small space. I got double Sw-Chachoos with full speed and good 2 pop, an Airfunnel that was just soo smooth and a lot of single standard moves linked together one after another.

Now I just had sick pork chops and rice, getting pretty good at cooking here now. And hey, I got some raisins for my oats tomorrow. Yeah.


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