Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There we go

Now I'm starting to see some consistency, and style improvement for that matter. Today I really figured out the Air-Funnel, and learnt that you can make it work even if the wind's not working with you. It's all about the ducking. Anyways, I had one of them go incredibly high in front of one of my friends, and he said, and I quote: "It was like this ...(holding out hand to size up, somewhere at boom height)... a meter and a half, easily." I couldn't stop the spin either, so I had to spin another 360 before I could finish it. Air-Funnel 900. There we go.

On another note, Mike Burns came in today. Fun to see him again. He had gotten a lot better too, and threw a nice Air-Funnel himself, plus one of the most horrible Burner crashes I've ever seen. His face made a nearly permanent sunscreen mark on the sail, haha. I, on the other hand, got to land my first Burner on the 5.2, right in front of him. Felt pretty nice, and I'm starting to get the hang of it I think.

In addition to this I sailed with Youp, who is stuck in some sort of Culo loop, where he just seems to go round and round and round and... You get the picture. He does nothing but Culos, hates switch cause he can only do Skopus and comes to my house to show me videos without batteries in the camera. Rockstar.

The switch Flaka slides good now, too good almost, and I over spin constantly. The Double Eslider and Puneta on the other hand, works like a charm.

Off to sleep, more fun tomorrow.


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Chris Eldridge said...

can't youp do burners too?