Friday, February 18, 2011

Still at it, but just barely.

I'll just go for a quick update, as time is of the essence right now. I have a lot of things going on; trying to get everything toghether with the school work, working on an article as we speak (ed. write, read), getting enough food (seriously, it's an issue, I've never been as hungry as in these past 4 days), and spending as much time as possible on not so windy sessions. It's been terribly light windwise these past 2 weeks, but my reportoire is improving rapidly as my technique improves, and the moves get faster, cleaner and more efficient. Grubbys are so nice right now, I really feel them bouncing around.

Today though, I learnt a new trick: Switch Flaka, with one hand. Just barely falling off a reach, I release the front hand and slice the sail while popping and twisting hips and shoulders upwind, simultaniously. The spins get nice and fast, and the feeling is pretty awesome. The best thing though, is that I get it pretty much every time even in light winds.

Need more wind though. How's that for a biggest concern, huh?

Håkman out

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