Friday, February 11, 2011

I got my swagga back

Sickest session so far, by a mile; 5 hours solid 5.2 increasing in wind strength as it went on. Everybody were out, and there were crazy moves thrown and massive crashes taken everywhere. The mangrove was a warzone, with jellyfish charging from underneath the surface, and super smooth flat water on top. The further in you went, the flatter it got, and the flatter it got, the more wind there were, and the further in you went, the greater the chance of ending up with a pizza-sizes jellyfish in your pants was.

Anyhow, I landed my best Burner yet, all clean like sliding into the 5. It felt really sick to do them in on the superflat with a lot of power in the sail. Now I just need better technique so it’ll work in light winds too.

The Air-Funnel is working like a charm, as I’m going higher and higher every time I try. I still crash a lot though, but when it works it’s pretty damn fast. I landed two more 900s though - didn’t get anything with a 2 pop yet - so that’s what I’ll work on. I made one of them in front on Mike and he said that the first rotation almost had the clew pass into the 540 while I was in the air. Nice.

Oh, and best of all is the new and improved Kono. This particular move has been just out of reach for a while now, and during this session I felt like it was coming. I had this growing sensation of understanding in the back of my head, and on this one run I saw Taty make one where he kinda threw his head back and had the sail swing him back up to land totally upright. I knew this was it, I could feel it. So I went out from the mangroves, caught a good gust, ducked the sail perfectly and sort of steered it through the wind for a second before I popped off and tucked in. Before I knew it I heard the board smack underneath my feet, and just like that I slid for a second before I flipped the sail and made the mandatory lock-in claim. After this I swear to god, it just got better. This one time I landed totally dry with just my head dipping in, wow it felt so awesome. This might be my new favorite, even though a good Air-Funnel still makes my mind sway.

So that was it, and when I got back on the beach Taty told me that he had seen the Konos and that they looked good. What more can you ask for, really?

On a totally unrelated but pretty funny note: I had a scooter for 1 whole day, but now it doesn’t work any more so we have to fix it. That is Bonaire for ya.


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