Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bonaire pictures continued

We’re having the weirdest weather. Yesterday it was just pouring down, blasting 30 knots in between the showers – I was on 5.2, and it was wild – I landed my cleanest Burner so far. I spun the sail perfectly, and it was just right there waiting for me when I landed. It felt so easy, but sadly repeating it was not. I over rotated a few Konos too, man this trick has tricky parts in all conditions. Oh, and I got another Air-Funnel 900, but really full speed all the way.

In the afternoon I thought it would be a good Idea to set up my 4.8, but the wind decided to drop, of course. So I practiced my spinning instead, which I haven’t done that much on port. I had a lot of fun doing Grubbys and Spocks into Flakas, and actually got a Grubby into Double Flaka once. The spinning feels really nice when you do a fast trick to start it off, and then just swing that shit through to see how far you can take it.


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