Thursday, January 27, 2011

Second day and new moves

Man, I'm rusty, but hey, guess what... I landed 2 new double combinations today: E-slider and Sw-Chachoo. On top of that I got many good, and now more consistent, Air-Funnels. Good full 360s, with nice landings. The Kono is sort of getting there, but the duck is just gone right now. When I work that out it's time to get some style though.

In the final session we had good power for 5.2, and Taty was doing spock-culos landing smack flat every time, how he gets the speed doesn't even make sense. Surfing here is so much fun, inspiring and full on progression madness to say the least.

Later Kiri came over and we hung out in my house after the surf, and we talked about the way moves should be done, analyzed and so on. He has so much knowledge about the dynamics and - for sure - philosofy of freestyle. That's what makes his flow so smooth on the water, must be. So with all this in my brain I'll sleep in an airmove-dreamland tonight.

Oh, and today I opened my ELT (English Language Teaching) books, sitting by the water, listening to Big-L. I was focussed. My mind feels really clear hear.


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