Monday, January 31, 2011

New moves! Burner and Shaka-Flaka.

Hode. Today was good, real good. I hitchhiked for 45 minutes before I got a ride though, but apart from that...

I went 4.8 and had some solid power, straight to the mangroves, and worked more on the Air-Funnel. They're getting better, and with the strong wind I go a lot higher and spin faster. But the fun part started when I tried a Burner and had such a good duck that I just easily went upwind and then spun around. I landed with the sail backwinded, but a little bit too strong so I lost it. Two attemps later I went far into the flat section in the mangroves, with a little bit less power - good speed though - and did the exact same thing as before, but with anticipation for the landing. There it was, just like that. Landing 360, bam. Turned for the 5 and claimed it.

On the way out I did some good fully planing Shakas, and one got so good that I just had to trow it into another 360. The weird thing though, is that it felt so easy.

Later on we sailed all together in the shallow end by the beach, I accidentally stomped through to hard on a landing for and Air-Funnel, so I really fucked up my fin (split the tip). Gotta try to do something about that tomorrow.

Thank god for the sweet weather and wind we're having.


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