Sunday, January 30, 2011

More fun

Got up this morning, had a long wait for a ride – hitchhiking gets on your nerves seriously – and finally got to the beach. I had packed a lot of nice food; sandwiches, digestives, apples, juice and so on. When I got there it was pretty slow cause everyone had been out partying the night before, but I was determined to go. The wind came along after a while, and I tuned my sail in waiting for a few more knots. Then Kiri came in and we went out together again. No one else wants to go when it’s light. But we had triple fun.

At first we just did ordinary sliding moves, and with the new secret skill that he showed me yesterday I get more speed and more slide, hopefully even more style (!). When the wind picked up a little the mangrove got so sick, and I finally landed a perfect Air-Funnel going in before Kiri, and then he answered with Air-Funnel into Puneta Cana. Haha. It was like being the man and then taken to school at the same time. Awesome. After that I had a really good gust and landed a big – like probably the biggest I’ve done – Sw Kono, totally stomping the board. Gotta take it easy and start noselanding I think… The best thing though was the Air-Funnel practice, as I got all the good tips and finally really got to feel how it should be done properly.

When I came home I cooked food for me and my neighbor as payback for the pizza frenzy last night. Here’s what we had, plus a peak at what my house looks like.

No I’m gonna go frog-chasing. This is the new thing, as that m*fucker never seems to leave the house even though I throw him out. That reminds me: Gotta by some tools for that, like a box with a stick and a string attached to it. My neighbour said some of the animals like alcohol, so maybe I'll put some out for the frog. He might be easier to catch when he's drunk. Nah well.


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