Monday, November 15, 2010

Up to date

Quite a lot of sessions lately, nothing extraordinary, just good practice in very, very winterlike conditions. It's not unbearable yet, but it's starting to get pretty damn chilly.

I've been progressing a lot on my Burners; just the other day I was on my 4.0, which I'm really getting the hang of with the ducking now, and went for it but caught a gust just as the sail rotations started. I let the back hand go, which really swung the sail around. Then it was so easy, I just popped and twisted my body, landing 360 without even touching the sail in the water. That was pretty unexpected - as the sail usually sticks in the water - so I fell off the board just as I tried to stick the move. The feeling was really cool though, especially when the rotation was so fast and fluid. It actually feels kinda like the Air-Funnel in that aspect, the difference being the invert on the Burner. Anyhow, I've been working on it in my mind and I think that I've got the key, so with another good sessions there might be a claim. Hopefully.

Today I sailed all by myself while the sun set slowly and made the water all pink and purple, with a golden horizon. Pretty sweet, but not that much wind so I probably got like 15 moves working the gusts. Feels good though, the pieces are falling into place; as every new skill - whether it's moving the sail differently in the ducking on both sides, using one hand instead of two, getting a different stance or body positioning - is adding up to make the whole game so much tighter.
Had a new photographer show up in the hood with a massive objective, Mikael Svensson, check out one of his pictures and his website on the link below. His stuff is mostly nature-related, but we might convince him to mix it up in the future. Hehe. Unfortunately the wind was pretty much dead when he started shooting, so we didn't get anything crazy, but with that 4.0 powered up you can almost touch the sky.

Kono, 4.0, by N Mikael Svensson.

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