Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chillin' in my SAGAz (skiing)

 Whatup everyone, been on the low for a while now since it's full on winter here in Sweden right now; snowing every day, temperatures as low as -10 and nothing but NE winds. We try to maintain the stoke though, so once the snow came we went to work on it, and after some days of building and shaping we managed to put together a small but fun park for skiing on home base. Just a few day ago I had my super steezy new to da kneez SAGA jacket (XL is 100cm tall how sick is that!!! Check out more from Saga Outerwear on their homepage) come in from the States, got my skis fixed, and best of all a stoked little sister to shred with - life is good.

Below are some shots from a session today, we're working on the technique for opening day on the local hill next weekend. Can't wait to hit some bigger jumps.

SAGAz on, gave Burton to Ellen...

First we built the inrun, then the kicker. Then we made the landing...
First hit (the 360's so close)

360 mutegrab.

The longer you hold it the more you'll feel how flat the landing is.

Style with eeze equals - Steeze
Want the double grab? Then you needz to be quick.

Ok, I iz... Look.
Air awareness
Going in switch

Switch somthing

White man can jump, but under different circumstances.

The size of the kicker doesn't matter, it's how much you pop.


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Konstantin Erikson said...

haha, du har för mycket energi Håkman. gött att se,
jag blir riktigt sugen på skidor nu.
// Konstantin