Friday, October 1, 2010

What's up with this off-shore?

Sailing just a bit now, taking it on a day-to-day basis, pretty much just hoping for that killer fall wind to kick in; if it'll happen, that is.

We tried the island of Hisingen, like a half an hour drive from the Bay, where I got a few sessions with JohanKalle and Hank. I was powered up with my 5.2, which is a whole different ball game to sailing at home. The chop at the spot we sailed is like the choppiest place ever. It's not that tricky any more, but I remember when I tried going switch there last year - totally sketched out with one fot in each front strap hitting 2-3 fast, short chop at the same time... Anyways, I worked more on my Switch Konos and Air-Funnels, getting perfect ducks even though the chop was tricky. I recently started getting real slides in the first of above, landing dead flat with straight legs. It feels really good, and I think that I'll be able to translate those skills into my regular Konos too.

At the end of that sesh I had a perfectly balanced duck on switch, carved up-wind like for a Kono and guided the sail forwards at the same time as I got further and further up, popped off and hit the sickest mini-chop. It was tiny, but acted like a kicker. So as I had set the move up perfectly I had a 360+ Air-Funnel rotation, that I obviously crashed but it was so high and so fast that I just couldn't believe it.


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