Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monster forward session + new move...

Yesterday was so damn windy, easily 40 knots. I was on my 4.0 maxed out, rocking double gloves - yeah, it's that cold - full on winter suited up.

Started out pretty good, rigging took me like 20 mins cause my shit kept trying to fly away. When done I barely made it out into the water, but as I got going I landed a lot of stuff well, considering it was really, really gusty. Double Punetas full speed all the way, almost feeling the triple there sometimes, but not yet. Some planed out Flakas and Double Flakas, loosing no speed whatsoever. One attempt was pretty crazy, as the wind kept swingin from SW to SE, and I went for my One-handed Flaka, but felt the wind swing mid-air, which sent me into a full aerial rotation. It was kinda like hitting a wall with the sail, but it felt surprisingly good, so I landed the Air Flaka and went on with my sesh.

Later I got ridiculously tired, and the wind got worse and worse inside on the flat, so I decided to make it happen and charged for the biggest ramp possible, throwing a big, megasmashed Forward. Man, the smack when I slammed my back for the landing was just too much and I couldn't hold it. After that I just kept punching out as many attempts as I could, and by the end of the sesh I had gotten a pretty good feel for it. All that's left is to control the landing and get to stomp it. Would be pretty sweet...

Ok, today I had a double day lined up, starting with a few hours pre-school with Johann, and an after-exam sesh with Hank. In the morning the wind was not so good, gusty like always, on the good ol 5.2, but when it came through I got to claim my first Double E-slider. I had two good Konos and Double Punetas too. At the end I just couldn't resist it - even though my back hurt mad much from yesterdays punishment - and I threw three more loops, getting nice aerial control, full rotation, but no luck landing. It's getting there though. In due time, in due time.


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