Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can't stop me now

It's below -0 c. in the mornings, mega windchill every day, but it's started to blow. Finally.

Last week I was rocking hard together with Nikke; 45 knts feeling my 4.0, 16 knts taking som good hits on my worn out 5, full on Nothernly insanity on the megaflats going perfect power 4.8. Man last week had it all, and I got to hang with all of the guys too - or, at least all of those who're still at home. The best sesh was for sure the one on Friday:

Strong wind from the North with a hint of West on the angle, which means dead flat water, big gusts and super fast speed for your moves. I sailed with Johann again, finally landing a dry and perfectly smooth regular stance Kono, in front of him. I had all the speed I needed, solid duck, height on the flight with good rotation, followed by a clean landing, just barely dragging th butt on touchdown. Most important though: Landing was achieved with a locked clew-first position, loosing no force to take the move all the way. Now I want it with straight legs.

Later that same day I took one more run, getting super sick Doubles on the Punetas and working out the finish on my Air-Funnels for real. I used to land body facing forward and sail draggin behind, but when I really focussed on getting it right I managed to get the feel for landing toeside, facing the sail, keeping the pressure to maintain stability on the landing. Most attempts weren't real AirFunnels though, but after I worked out the landing part I had one more try; the duck carve and pop were just timed so well and threw me into a perfect rotation, landing just like I'd practiced it, spinning it out slide style to finish for a 5.

Can't wait for tomorrow, if the forecast sticks I'll be so wasted come Monday.

Keep it real.


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