Friday, October 8, 2010

30 minutes of freestyle + Sw Kono sequence pictures

I sailed the shortest most intense session yesterday; doing my internship for school from 8 to 5, making it home by 6 and after a hectic preparation with equal parts rigging and running, I was ready to go at half past 6.

Hank was out, together with Emma, and I made my first run out towards him gradually getting more powered on my 4.8. I got close enough so he wouldn't miss it and threw something I've actually just learnt this week - the Forward loop! 

I never gave it much attention before, but the day before the session in question I just got so tired of all the chop that I decided to use it. Took me about 10 half hearted tries before I got the feel for it. I had a hard time getting the rotation going upwind launching off of the chop, so managed to get the first one on the flat. I'll keep it short; it's an awesome move and I'll try to improve it as soon as I get some wind again.

I think I surprised him with the loop, but most of all it got me fired up. Second run was really close to getting the sail out of the water for the Burner, third run out was an incredibly clean Shaka considering the difficult chop/gust. The next 20 minutes were equally distributed between Double Punetas and Esliders, feels nice to finally get the hang on the second rotation with my Flare 88. I had them nailed with my bigger boards, but since I got the small one I had a pretty hard time getting it right. But since I got hang of the speed thing it's all changed, cause now they're back and better than ever - more speed equals more style!

I finished at 7, sailing back to shore in the intense darkness, over the pitch black but suspiciously calm water inside of the bay. Gotta admit that I was pretty quick to get out of the water. You don't want to mess with the F-bay monster...



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