Friday, September 10, 2010

Shitbay, back-to-front

Haven't had wind in 2 weeks, unbelievable. I started school again too, so I've been kept busy nonetheless, but yesterday and the day before that I finally got to train again.

One would think that with 2 weeks off it's just bound to be sick when the wind eventually returns, this was not the case. What we got was marginal winds on the direction with the least possibility of being good - East. I know from before that Shitbay might work bearably, so I tried and had a good time landing everything I know after school, together with Konstantin who's got a brand new set of gear. He gonna do good on it for sure, looks way better than before. It felt so good being back on the water again, I was all smiles after my 4 hour session was finished. The West Coast news caster running, Fredrik, came down to take my picture as well. Check it out on the link.

The morning after was still partly windy, so I tried again, finding some good gust inside the Shitbay lagoon. It's pretty flat, but so damn gusty that you might start out on a run feeling barely nothing in your sail, and then progressivly enter the power zone which might get you out of control overpowered. I got one of those this morning, and managed to time my duck for a regular Kono perfectly. Hangtime baby.


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