Wednesday, September 22, 2010 fast or freestyle?

Convinced by Ola I took a break from spinning and got on his I-sonic 80 (Slim-edition haha) and 6.2 RS-slalom. First run was OK, going unhooked frantically trying to stay in the minimal straps, exiting with a nice racejibe though. Second run was hooked in but not really pushing it, planing jibe once more. Before run three I got some pep-talk from the slalom guys; sheet in as much as possible and lock the sail down, take preassure off the mastfoot, throw yourself on the deepest downwinder possible. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. With a GPS strapped to my right arm I just could not not go for it. So first part was allright, a little bit bouncy on the chop but I got myself a long way upwind, so when the flat came along behind the Shitbay island I locked and loaded. I hit a lull too so I was feeling pretty confident - being on a 6.2 just doesn't provoke confidence if you've just got off your overpowered 4.8... Anyhow, naturally the lull had to end and when it did I was launched like a rocket, and it seemed like the board had no intention of slowing down whatsoever. Finally I couldn't take it any more and had to hook out, jibe planing once more and head back. I checked the GPS then I surfaced from a out of control but rather stylish crash-exit, and say 28 knots recorded. Felt pretty good, but what if I had just kept my cool and sheeted in for 10 seconds more?

When Ola got back - he'd been on my gear for a run - he made a classic statment: "It feels like there's soap underneath!"

In conclusion slalom is fun, fun and fucking scary.

So what'll it be? F... fast or f... freestyle? I'll let you be the the judge of that.

Håkman out.

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