Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thank god it's Friday (not)

Completely psyching myself out on Friday morning, going for the first good Askim session of the summer, I was out at 9 a.m with my 4.8 totally overpowered. The chop in there is so good for Shakas, it's like one giant playground of ramps - just take your pick. I was going big with my Switch Konos and Shakas warming up, but after 10 minutes I went for a regular Kono and lost my back foot in the air at the same time as I caught a wild gust, which slammed the board so insanely hard that my leg just stiffened up and started hurting like a mthfker. I was sure that I'd broken it, and waited for a short while before I tried to move my foot, which was possible, so I felt some relief. I had to get back to the beach though, and had a craaazy bodydrag all the way in, just being so powered up that the board was planing with my getting towed behind.

I barely made it onto the beach, threw my stuff on the grass and went inside the surfschool (where I still work this year) to get some rest. Working all day long renting out gear to people who wanted to sail a perfect A-bay wasn't easy since I could barely walk, but even more so cause everyone seemed to have such a good day.

Later on the leg started feeling better, and I got my hope back for a sweet Saturday. Just glad I didn't do any permanent damage.


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