Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunday funday

Working my brains out right now, so you'll have to put up with spontanious updates for a while on.

On Sunday my foot felt better, I couldn't move it very much, but I could get it in the strap no sweat, so I was off to another good day in the A-bay.

It begun kinda where I left off the previous day, with well powered 4.8 and sick ramps for Shakas, so I boosted some high ones for a while and then finally got secure on the trick again. Felt pretty sweet knowing that I'd land every time I tried, even going really high. I really started working hard on the Burner too, almost getting round so many times, but not quite clearing the nose at the apex of my spin. With some more pop I'm sure I'd land to claim, as the sail goes into the correct position every time.

At lunch Ellen joined me and we ripped it up together; she was planing around with my 4.8 and got her first real jumps on the perfect mini-ramps, which to me was a joyous sight. It's so much fun to surf with her. She even tried a few Volcanos, but I think that she might need some flatter water for that. The craziest thing though, was probably the fastest ride she got - she just kept accellerating and wouldn't stop, charging the whole bay she passed everyone. It was insane. At one point I wondered whether she'd be able to stop before crashing on the beach, but she managed fine.

Since this was a workday I had to go back to the beach for a few hours of rental management, but when I got a green light from my boss I was back out again. I mean, how sick is that? Sailing with your boss during worktime. Big ups to him. Anyhow, when I got out I was really surprised that I got to rock it out together with the dudes I used to watch when I started windsurfing: Mini(wonder if that still applies, nah well)John and Rambo. I remember how I wanted to learn to sail like them, and now I finally could, with some more trick up my sleve I might add. I showed some nice Konos on both sides, and some of my highest Shakas, boosting off of the mega ramps by the pier.

Best day in the A-bay so far this year, just gotta keep hoping for the wind to kick in soon enough.

Håkman out

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