Friday, July 2, 2010

A few sessions more

Been sailing a few times recently, not that much unfortunately, just barely enough to be happy.

As far back as I can remember I'd say that midsummer was the first of these last days I didn't record, so in short I was in the hood - in the water - waiting like 7 hours for decent wind, planing now and then. Not to exciting, just started work on the Culo, getting some good sail rotations but not getting the board to spin. Went down again around 10 pm. when the wind was blowing again and went 5.2 for an hour, too choppy to get anything worthwhile. Got to sail with Calle though, big and small, so it was a nice day, cause every day in the water is better than...

A few days after that me and Cal did some lightwind stuff, and two gusts came in. I got my two lightwind switch moves, sailed back-to-back for a while and just chilled.

Two days ago we sailed some better, but not close to good 5.2, and I continued my work on the Culo and the Burner. No board rotations yet, but from what I can feel, and what Johan and Calle saw, I just need more power to get more height. Like with all the other moves, I believe that learning in light winds is the best thing you can do, cause the technique has to be perfect to land the move. On that note I flew around crashing left and right, meanwhile playing Claim-or-Fail with the miniman, which was a huge fail. Literally.


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