Thursday, July 15, 2010

Early is safe?

Tried this twice times this week already, the first day being a major fail; waking up at 4 am. realizing that the forecast was totally miscalculated. Today I got it done right though, waking up at about 5, eatin, riding down to the beach. When I got there it looked kinda crazy with a totally off to cross-off wind, which mainly never works. I waited and felt the wind picking up, and finally decided to go for 4.8. It was so on.

When I got out I was overpowered with pretty solid wind - really unusual for the apparent wind direction - and stomped down a big Sw Kono on the first run. It was kinda flat everywhere but going through the channel on the outside the best Shaka chop I've ever seen were just pushing in. I landed a perfect one, and threw an out of control Kono to follow, which would've been landed clean if it wasn't for that damn nose banging into the water too hard.

Later on MiniCalle came out, rocking as usual; with a nice E-slider and a Flaka in the bag he was still dry. Being inspired by all the ducking that was going on he even got to land his first Funnel, and it was nice! When he gets his new Echo LE sails he'll be taking the other guys to school in no time.

Then it died and all the guys who had rigged got wet when it started to rain.

Claim or fail?


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