Friday, July 9, 2010

Doin' work

Worked some more on my new moves this week, even though the wind's just incredibly shitty right now; might be the worst summer since I started windsurfing, 4 years ago. Nevertheless, the Culos are progressing slightly every time, and now I can rotate the board almost all the way round. It really helps being powered up to get the proper pop for learning these kind of moves, but I've just tried in super light winds, with the exception of one hour of 4.8 that really helped a lot. Furthermore I've been struggling with the regular Konos, as I'm constantly losing my front strap from landing too hard. I think that I've found the key though, so let's just hope for some more opportunities to practice.

On another note: The Air-Funnel is back in the bag again, and it feels just awesome. It's definitely my favorite move right now.

See ya,

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