Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rockin the flats

Yeah, had a pretty nice session this morning; full on NNW with the 5.2 powered. I haven't been sailing flats like this since last summer, so the feeling was just awesome. My mind was blown constantly from all the speed and ease flat water generates. I went together with Konstantin, who had his 21:th birthday and a full day off, so he was pretty stoked as well. Johan came in to join us later, but just like always he missed the wind from sleeping late. It's all about the hustle if you want to make the most of the West Coast winds - gotta stay on call just to let everything drop as soon as the fans are turned on.

Anyways, we were rocking Shitbay, jumping over the buoys going crazy on the outside waves. Say what? Yeah the wake from the insane big-boat traffic going back and forth from the harbor. I haven't had that many opportunities for regular slidemoves lately, so doing totally onehanded Grubbys, some Chachoo attempts, landing one hell of a onehanded Bob, was nice for a change. The main thing was probably the Kono, regular. I had some really sick airs inside, being totally powered and just acing the duck. The guys said some of the good ones had like 3 feet of hang-time. The landings were super hard on the rail, so I think that I just have to sheet the sail in harder mid air to get some upright landings. Felt nice to land consistently though, might start working on something new on that side soon. I had perfectly clean Sw Kono too, 360 with slide. One Air-Funnel nicely rotated but crashed. Then that was probably it, cause the wind died.

What's next?


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