Sunday, June 13, 2010

Full power 4.0, with pictures

Back again, this time fully charging 40 knots, rockin' the good old (emphasise on old) 4.0. First time sailing like this in about a year now, and it's clearly a whole different ball game. I was so overpowered that I could just do two moves; Shakas and Punetas. Gotta love the chop that was rolling in with the strong wind though.

I had to learn how to depower the sail mid-air for the Shaka, as I've just desperately tried to power myself up to get air this whole winter. I found that if you just put enough weight on the boom once you're rotating, putting the sail in the power zone, you can safely put the move down and slide. Trying my way into learning I had some sick crashes, slamming from up top, sometimes way to close to the beach...

I started landing nicely after a while, and had some good ones on the flat, but what was the most fun was definitely trying on the biggest chop. I hit one hella steep chop, and managed to stay over the sail, feeling totally weightless, looking down at the water from what was easily 5 feet. I landed it so flat that the board just shook, throwing the last 140 round to claim it. Sweeet.

Pictures cred goes out to Peter Frisk Hansen, check out more of his work on his WEB SITE.Check out those colors! Who said you need a proper beach?



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