Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finally on the 4.8

I just never finished this one, so you'll get it a little late but still good. Actual dropping date should've been the 19:th.

Yesterday was fucking awesome. I was up at 7, out rocking at 8 and landed my first sick moves somewhere between 8 and 8.02; big Shove-it planing followed by an almost complete triple Flaka, run out - stomped Sw Kono. I worked really hard and got so much down during the morning that I'd just taken my whole sailing to another level. The Konos on both sides are getting bigger and bigger, and by the feel of it I believe that I could take it even further. Height, rotation, power, flow - everything seems to come more naturally with each try.These are probably the most progressive moves right now, with Kiri doing the Kabikuchi and Davy doing the Skopu it seems like more is possible. You need wind though, if you wanna do it real sick.

I was totally stoked when I landed totally standing, sliding backwards on the Sw Kono, and then went in to do a very high normal stance one, though not as clean. I think that - with a little bit more practice - I'll get that one standing too.The ducking is easy now, and with more precision comes more control, which helps a lot on the try for air Bobs and Funnels. I need to figure out a little bit more how my new board works before I get these, but as long as you put your mind to it it's possible.

I had fun sailing 5.2 with Nikke after lunch, wearing my new O'neill suit (it's so siiick, feels like sailing naked!), pushing it further in the light winds. We did some matching moves, and tried to think of new combinations to try. The Sw Kono diablo (it counts even if the duck is done in the water, haha) and Airfunnel Clock were tried but never managed. The board works really well in light winds now, even though it's pretty small, but the sails are just incredible; best ducking ever.


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