Thursday, June 17, 2010

Double score

Two days ago was another awesome day, sailing the 5.2 fully powered one hour before work, and about 2,5 after. The first session was probably the most fun, cause I got to sail with Mr. Nikke who haven't been home much due to the EFPT. Anyways, I'm starting to get really confident with my ducking in regular, so working on that I had a lot of sick Konos, even though I could probably sheet in a lot more to avoid getting the front foot pulled out at landing. Going out I was super tight on the Switch Kono, landing almost upright, but totally dry a bunch of times. In addition to that I had some fun sliding on the flats inside and bumping around on the chop.

My second sesh started after work, when I found that not only was the wind still blowing, it had been picking up too. When I was ready to roll everyone else was ready to go home, so I found myself pretty much alone with this sick NNW wind, and a killer sunset. I did some Shakas on the chop, which went okey, with one being exceptionally good; I flew the sail a bit different than usually, so I kept my momentum going forwards. I'll have to work more on that.

Jeje that's about it, now we'll just cross our thumbs for an epic Friday.



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