Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bringing the A-game

Yeah I did! Feels so good when you find the flow and just go with it. From stomped Switch Konos, big Shakas on the chop, fully aerial Konos with crazy pop, to smooth slide-moves both on the flat and the rough waters. Totally my best session since I got back from the Philippines.

I got out in the morning for a sail spinning session with my lil sister, she was doing great and had a nice first day of the year. I couldn't help feeling a bit bummed though, cause all the forecasts were clearly predicting 5.2 (in my book at least). We went home and I sat frustrated in front of a window, just not willing to believe that the conditions could suck any more than this; believe me, one day of 4.0 in two weeks of nothing is not gonna do it. Just as I was giving up and thought: "Fuck it, guess I'll just keep on dreaming about the days I wish would come but never do," something happened. The trees outside started to move, the clouds in the sky vanished, everything just cleared up and it seemed like the elements were brought to life out of nothing. So, what did I do? Well I'll tell you what I did: I got out of that chair, snatched my soaking wetsuit from the rack, threw it in my car and broke the speed limit to the best of my ability, hit the hood totally pumped and saw... a far from perfect SW with probable high tide. I though like I always do in situations like this: It can only get better. in no time the 5.2 was up and ready, I was suited up and ready to rock that 14 degree water like it was 2007 all over again.

It started out pretty good, and then it got better, and better, and better. When it hit epic I was so totally in the zone, hitting everything bigger and cleaner then before. I even rocked a new spot; main bay, surfers left, close to the jetty and the small beach. The waves breaking on the jetty were so sick for Shakas, and I really stomped some good tall ones. I had some solid slides behind the jetty going towards the beach, which is a spot that is tight to say the least, either you hit it perfect or you don't hit it at all. I ended up on the beach a few times as well, but that's just fun... On the other side I was doing my best Sw Konos ever. It was so amazing to feel how much you can fly when you do it it right and get a little help from the wind (screw a little, I was powered!).

Later on Hank the Tank joined in and got a few nice runs himself, being smooth and stylish on the Spocks, barely missing a Grubby and got laughed at for pumping all of Shitbay without getting planing. Before the wind died I landed my best (by far) Kono on regular ever. I've started to get the sail really powered these last few sessions, and today i could work it like I wanted. Anyways, going in towards the Shitbay rocks I ducked, carved just a little and popped off into a perfect, really big rotation off the flat waters inside. The landing was really heavy, and I barely touched the water with my back before I was thrown back on the board to flip the sail, and thus claim the move. Man Konos are fun, now I've just gotta get 'em standing on both sides.

Guess that's one more for the books, sometimes you're just lucky.



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