Friday, April 23, 2010

Where's my head at?

Here's another, that we thought would be, the last videoblog from the Philippines. It is in fact a very nice episode, but not yet the last. I had many people ask me when we're going home, and to clarify my answer would have to be: in due time. Check out the new episode below, you might get some answers.´


I've had a lot going on with my head lately, most of it related to windsurfing - one might say that I've gotten pretty close to my mast. Johan found out some new things, mostly in the water, and there are also some pretty cool guys (pinoy) hanging around the bay nowadays. Click play too see what I mean.

Erik och Johan i Filippinerna! Använd huvet. (Extra långt avsnitt!) from Erik Håkman on Vimeo.


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