Sunday, April 11, 2010

We still going

Yeah, but just not that much. Somtimes we get to wake up to a few hours of mediocre 5.2, which of course is what I want, cause being powered up is just overrated. Right?

The moves are steadily getting better and better; I'd say that I've landed about 8 Air-Funnels in total, some bigger than others. Shakas are easy now, especially on flatwater where you really can initiate the pop right. It feels like all the big moves more or less depend on the initiation, take those starting with a duck for example - whenever the duck is perfect I'm pretty certain that I'll land well. The Shaka is kinda the same, but I've found that there are two ways to do it, both useful in different conditions. If the wind's light I go for a really hard, slightly longer carve, and push down the boom instead of putting all my weight on it. Sailing really powered up today got me to figure out the other way to do it. The carve is shorter, so the most of the intiation for the rotation is done in the air, which creates a lot of height and if done right will land the board totally sliding. I had a lot of those today. It's a fun move for sure.

The sickest thing today (best day so far this week btw) was most definitely my fully one-handed Air-Funnel, landed in the totally messy chop that was set by the high tide. I had many attempts, but it was just too bumpy to get the duck right and still keep the speed. Nevertheless I kept on trying and finally had that legendary moment that just comes along every now and then, mainly when you're not prepared for it; I caught a strong gust, ducked the sail perfectly while carving upwind and popped off with one hand. The actual spin is so fast that you don't have time to think about anything but enjoying the air-time, and in this particular case I somehow dropped my original boom hand for the landing (360, stomped it), but caught it again with my front hand, and just flipped the sail so hard it just shook as I planed out of it all straight. With all the sick sensations I've had from this move I'll have to say that it my new favourite, no doubt about it.

To finish I'll just have to give some props to Johan for his super sick session today. He landed so many Grubbys and Spocks with full speed - and style not to mention - and even managed to score his two first E-sliders. He's learning hella fast, so I think I'll have to stay on my watch for next season...



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