Tuesday, March 2, 2010


No wind, very very hot, but a lot of customers at the surf-school. It's crazy how things work in the world; Sweden's had so much snow - which is very unusual - and the Philippines no wind whatsoever. They say it's El Ninho. I just want to windsurf.

I've been able to plane every once in a while in the mornings, even though I've never been powered enough to actually try any power moves. I've learnt Switch Flakas and Funnel-Clock Cana-bravas though, so at least there's some progression. I really wanna keep working on the Shakas and all different Konos, but without wind it's to hard to get any decent attempts, which is a shame since I actually learnt both of those tricks a little too long ago; you might remember that I landed 20 Shakas when I arrived here in January...

Right now I'm at home for a few days on a major heat stroke, from which I got to experience the local health care, which by the way was good regarding that this is a very small island.

To all of you who want to see pictures and movies: Me and Johan feel the same way. Right now there's just nothing to do, exept to wait for the wind.

Håkman out.

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minicp said...

bra att det är varmt iaf!!
Själv har jag inte surfat sen november......... får raila istället haha
När kommer du hem så vi kan rocka shitbay då?
funderar på att sälja north-skiten och investera i echo limited. fick deg till segel i födelsedagspresent!