Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh it's on now.

Yeaye yeeye, we've got wind. That's right, we've got good wind, and it's gonna stay for a while (knock on wood).

I had the sickest session so far together with Johan today; Switch Konos were stomped, double Punetas were slid, and new moves were landed. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's take it from the top.

We got out at 8 am pumping all the way over to the far end of the bay, struggling a little bit since the wind was pretty light. By the time we got there though, it had picked up to a solig 18 knot force, which paved the way for us to throw it down hard. Johan instantly banged out all his sick spock-variations, while it got into the groove on my switch runs - mostly throwing Switch-Konos and double Punetas, crashing on and off. I just had one single half hearted try on a regular stance sail-duck, which somehow ended up in a perfect Kono set-up. It inspired me to try once more, and I managed to fly again. After five consecutive attempts I was closing in on the 360 rotation, but seemed to get stuck after 270 due to more or less crazy nose-dives. Then, out of the blue, I went for a low speed attempt and just guided the sail into the wind keeping the power throughout the carve upwind. Maintaining all of that power going for the pop just threw me into a full 360, landing with my back in the water realizing that my sail still was powered - clew-first pull up out of the water, flipping the sail. Claim.

Johan was probably even more on the roll that I was, since he rotated Grubbys' (first time trying em) with too much speed to stay in control, mostly losing a foot or a hand somwhere along the way, making it a hell of a show. None landed yet, but it's just a matter of one more good sesh. What he did land was his first semi E-slider, and almost a complete one by accident. Did I mention that he was trying Forwards on the shallow end? Siick.

The session ended in a dramatic full speed Kono where I dove the nose so fucking hard that I just split it in half when it met the floor. Took me two hours to fix it. Insanely fragile boards those wood-carbons, but oh so good nonetheless.

Got more sick shit lined up for tomorrow. Stay tuned for more of the hardest crashes, most broken boards and biggest claims: Only on


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Style&wave said...

Fett Håkman du har ju blivit en riktig stjärna på vatnnet!

// Petter från gotland