Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The wind's still going strong, but never following the forecasts, even though I have reason to believe that we'll see a change in that during the coming days. We had a sick slalom session in the morning, since the wind was really light. Johan on 7.5 and I on 6.5, fully powered, going faaast on the I-sonic.

When the wind finally came in on a solig NE (Amihan, as it's called by the natives) we went out again, but finally got to sail over to the third bay, where it's pretty much epic every time; more wind, flatter water and just more fun fun. Powered up 5.2 was the name of the game.

I got two fully rotated Konos, too many Switch Konos icluding the best one so far (all stomped baby) and had good attempts on flat water Shakas. Slide-vise I was doing crazy good even though the Switch area was pretty choppy. Two out of two on the Double Punetas, almost a Double E-slider and many nice Gozzadas. Good day.

What struck me the most when we got to sailing was how fucking good Johan's getting. He's been freestyling less than a year, and with the season we've had so far it's just incredible how much he's learnt already. Today he banged out perfect Grubbys, Spock variations and good E-slider attempts. His Switch gets better by the session; there's not that much loss in speed any more and he manages to keep the composure for the initiation of his moves. To finish it all off he rotated a too easy sick Grubby 540 right in front of me. True to the game, he did what anyone in his right mind would've done after a sweet finish like that - claimed it, big time.

More tomorrow.

Håkman out

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