Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ducking time dahli dahli

Today was even better than yesterday, as I neither broke my board nor had any drop in the wind throughout the first half of the day. Two two-hour sessions saw more landed Switch- and Regular Konos than ever. I've dailed the Switch ducking pretty much all good now, which is really helpful especially in slow speed attempts for Konos, as I can put the sail in the power zone and just elevate myself into the air. The Regular Kono is a little bit off on the ducking sometimes, but once I get the sail in the right spot - more often than not actually - I get to go high. It's a sick feeling really, the best of all except Shakas. When you're going into the move fully powered up and get the sail in behind you, pin-point in the power zone, all you have to do is just to pop on that back hand and throw yourself into the air. The best one I landed today had a solid 360 rotation where the board smacked the water on touch down, and I got to get up out of the water after a quick wet visit where I lost my front foot but managed to put it back in to claim the move. The sickest try though was the most powered up and most high flying one so far. I lost my foot mid-air and spun out of control when I landed. Crashing can be so much fun, right?

To balance it all out I managed to make a pretty good Double Puneta in the chop, as well as a perfect Gozzada in the kind of messy water that you only find where four Kite-boarders had been racing past each other. In this crazy chop Johan got to land his FIRST Grubby ever, followed by several sweet Switch Vulcans and almost even a full E-slider. He's learning freakily fast right now - I feel like I've been in the zone since yesterday - probably due to the mindset that we're in right now...

The best thing about this late arrival (of the wind) is that we've both got so damn motivated; every run is fucussed, and it pays off so so well. Between sleeping ten solid hours every night, eating loads and loads of oatmeal and working the beach at the surf school, all of our time right now is spent on the water working on or on land dreaming of new moves. Honestly, I haven't felt this good windsurf-wise for a very long time. This is what it's all about: Sustaining the stoke.

Bukas maraming windsurf at toloy ng ligaia dahil malakas ang hangin, dahli dahli freestyle time olet. Hippos.