Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Air-Funnel! Can u believe it?!

Totally stoked out of my mind on the sessions we had these last days, especially on the one this morning; full (close to over) power 5.2, sick motivation and a zone-trip like no other. Let's take it from the top.

Two days ago we were sailing all day long, finishing the day with a filming session that ended when the tide got too low. Too low is pretty damn low. Not much more than fin-deep. But the wind kept getting better and I was reluctant to stop, even though the cameras had been turned off and brought back to the beach. The water was so flat, and I just wanted to go big. I went switch full speed over the see-weed section, where it's a little bit less dangerous to hit the floor, ducked the sail for a Kono that unintentionally got popped for a Funnel, and hit a really fast high spin. I went back out and tried the same thing again: Ducking, carving, popping, which this time ended up in a sick aerial spin, totally out of control. I was pumped like crazy, and in my last four attemps - that Johan watched from the beach - I got the sail so powered up that I got proper air-attempts every time. I managed to land some of my trys, but since I wasn't sure if they really were proper air I decided not to claim anything just yet. The last one though, was according to Johan by far the sickest. Full on knee-high 360 in the air, landing slamming the sail into the floor. I'd gotten a taste for it, and I wanted more.

This brings us back to today, when me and Johan went out at around 7.30 for a sick session in the third bay. The water wasn't that flat but still decent for keeping good speed. I was powered up though, so it wasn't bad at all. We started by sailing in front of the surf-school for a while, and I managed to work the Shaka out nicely in the messy chop, landing most of them. When we decided to go to the next bay it all just fell in place; I landed 4 consecutive Shakas, two on big chop rotating in the air perfectly, and two on smaller chop getting sweet slides for the finish. Unbelievable. I've been struggling with this move for such a long time, and now it just works. Sailing on the flat in bay no 3 I landed almost every attempt on the flat too, even though they weren't always that slidey. Just gotta make it count.

When we dropped into the third bay I put my focus on the move that I had been desiring ever since I saw Kiri do it on Bonaire - the Air-Funnel. I had a few attempts where the sail powered up too quickly, and a few where I couldn't hold the sail after the spin, but then I went for a run towards Johan...

...I saw him going towards me about 200 hundred meters away, not planing, and I decided that it was time to go for it, bigtime. I got fully powered, switched my stance, got a perfect duck where the sail rested in my back hand for a second while I carved upwind, the sail powered up and I popped off with one hand on the boom. I spun so fucking fast, all in the air, landing planing full on downwind grabbing the sail with both hands and just threw it round to finish the 540. I looked back at Johan, not really getting what just happened, but when I heard him shouting it hit me, I'd just done it and this time there was no question about it. Perfect Air-Funnel. Claim with a full on hands raise. Might very well be the single biggest claim so far. I took a quick run back to shore, jumped up and down for a while, and then I finally got to ask Johan what it looked like. He said (this is classic): Just like in the movies. Can u believe it?!

Håkman out.

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Well done and congrats
Keep on writing