Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What up?

It just came to my attention that Boracay hasn't seen a season this bad in 15 years; no wind at all during the peak season and a screwed up wind direction that just makes it all worse. At least the sun's out, right?

I was sailing two days ago though, having a good time practicing my moves all day long - nice to get a long session for a change - although the wind was pretty light. I hit a major zone half way through the day, and started landing Konos fluently, perfect duck and good rotation. The sickest trick of the session I landed a full 360 completlely airborn, landing switch clew-first but crashing a second later due to the crazy power in the sail. It's a really nice move once you understand how it works. It's a great move to crash brutally too, which I did once when I popped too early and started rotating downwind instead of upwind. I sounded like I'd broken the whole fucking rig in half, got no damage at all though. Gaastra is strong shit.

Let's see, then there were a few good Bobs and Funnels, closing in to air on the attempts where I duck and carve like for the Kono. Wouldn't say that I'm gonna land 'em soon, but, you never know.

As far as progression goes I'd say that the sickest move, or attempt on a move, was my one fully rotated regular stance Kono; just out of nowhere came a perfect sail duck, followed by a sick high pop and a complete rotation. The only thing that went wrong was the finish, where I should've kept the sail above my head and forward towards the nose of the board. Nonetheless, I didn't even get close to getting it after that attempt, but I kept working on my ducking, so I'll get there eventually... It's hilarious to see the difference in ducking with switch and regular moves, it's a completely different thing ducking the sail behind you than in front of you.

Yesterday I got sick again, but now I'm all about resting and getting back on my game ASAP.

Peace out


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