Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally windy

Woke up 6 a.m today, got on the water at 6.30, there was like 2 decimeters of water, barely enough to clear the fin, but oh so flat though. Me and Johan went together, he landed his first One-handed Spocks, and was pretty stoked on that. For myself I finally got my Doubles in order, claiming some really good Punetas and almost an E-slider; the thing though is that I really got the feeling for it, so now it's very possible to make doubles out of all my Switch-moves. Looking forward to more wind, we'll need it. Gotta love the mornings; the water is so flat and shallow that you feel like everything's just super easy, but ones you crash you'll hit the floor full power and destroy yourself. Got some nice cuts on my back, but it's all good.

No pain no gain, right?


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