Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back in the game

I feel damn good now; light winds, sun and lazy days. All I do now is, eat, surf, work and sleep, not necessarily in that order or to the same extent. Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of one of the workers at the surf school, kids-themed party, all the way. Since he's never had a party thrown for him in his life, let alone received any gifts, you could say that it was pretty nice. We grilled this huge tuna, cooked shitloads of spaghetti and had some sick cakes ordered. Awesome.

Surf-wise I've been doing the best with what I've got, practicing a lot of light wind stuff, getting plaining really early, learning One-handed Bobs again, landing a sick Willy Skipper on the first try and mainly just playing around with my old moves trying to get used to the board.



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