Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy days

First off, I like to sleep in my 3xl hoody, there is nothing better than wrapping yourself in after stealing all the pillows to the bamboo couches in the chill out lounge, and just let your dreams of the moves you cannot do take you away.

Second off, we've actually done some pretty serious windsurfing these past two days, and I've been doing pretty well all considered. The penicillin seems to have kicked in, so I'm on the right way, as well as actually attempting some new moves today; I tried two Burners and one reg. stance Kono, but it didn't work... The Kono was kinda nice though, since I had a nice duck, followed by a sharp upwind carve and actually even a quite sweet rotation in the air. The trick though, has to be to make the duck more upwind, and really crank it into the turn, like I'm doing in my sw. Konos right now. Those are working out sick by the way, and I get some pretty awesome hang time every now and then. Let's see, what else? Yeah, I'm working on some doubles back and forth too, almost had an E-slider where I wanted it today. The Punetas need some sail in the pop, but I'll get it right before I know it.

Johans brother is here now too, together with his girlfriend, and he's having a killer time as well.

peace for now


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